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DevonAir Radio
25th Anniversary Reunion

Around 100 people who once worked for or were associated with DevonAir radio gathered for a reunion and evening of nostalgia at the Thistle Hotel in Exeter on Saturday 19th November 2005. 

The reunion marked the 25th anniversary of the station's opening on 7th November 1980... and its closure, following the loss of its licence, after 14 years of service to the people of South, Mid and East Devon on 31 December 1994. Former directors, managers, staff and freelancers came from all over Britain and further afield to reminisce, remember, and renew old friendships - having worked together during a time described by many of those attending as a golden age of commercial broadcasting. 

Former engineer Howard Pelling and former presenter Mike Powell both flew from the USA specially to attend the event, with original programme controller Jeff Winston and first on-air presenters Bob Kingsley and Paul Owens reunited in the same room for the first time in 23 years. Paul Saunders, whose voice was the last to be heard on the station, made a special trip from Scotland, where he is now Programme Director at Radio Clyde. 

Many other former employees made long journeys from all over the country, including news, engineering, presentation, sales and administrative staff, many of whom had not seen or spoken to their former colleagues for well over 10 years - and in many cases for more than 20 years. 

Though, in the words of the last song to be played on the station, DevonAir's sun ain't gonna shine any more, its memory certainly lives on, and already some people are asking about the next such event... 

Where are they now?

Through this website former employees of the station were invited to register their intention to attend the reunion, provide a few words outlining their most treasured memories of their time at the radio station and to update people on what they have been up to since. 

These profiles are now available to view online.

View profiles of former employees

View reunion photographs

DevonAir Reunion Group
Wendy Arnold - Stephen Ayres - Gerri Bennett - Carole Edwards - Kevin Kane
If you have any information, photos, jingles or any memorabilia please email email@devonairfm.com.

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