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DevonAir Presenters

Bob Kingsley
Was the first voice heard on DevonAir. Played the first record "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles.


John Brocks
Started in 1980 and was at the station for nearly 10 years.
Ian Waugh
Was one of the original presenters and DevonAir's Head of Presentation.

Presented Waugh's World each evening from Monday to Thursday.

John Pierce
Presented the breakfast show for many years before leaving when the station became the New DevonAir.
John Reynolds
Regular presenter who parted company with the station to join BBC Radio Devon.

Housewives favourite CJ (previously known as Glenn Richards) has spent a lifetime in radio working for BBC TV and radio and numerous commercial radio stations. Remembered for  presenting DevonAir shows such as DevonDawn, the Saturday morning Strawberry Fields Forever, the afternoon show and Nightflight. 

Was a DJ on Torbay's Palm FM (Restricted Service License).

Jim Gibbons
Was head of DevonAir's News Department and presenter of the 5pm news programme DevonDay.
Tim Arnold
Presented Dance to the Music on Saturday evenings which included the latest releases,  imports, funk and reggae.
David Fitzgerald
Presented Rock Me Gently on Saturday evenings. Later appeared as a presenter on local television station TSW.
David Rodgers
A regular presenter of the Sunday request show. Later founded Orchard FM to successfully win the Taunton and Somerset radio franchise in 1989. In 1994, Gemini Radio (an Orchard media company) was awarded the radio franchise previously held by DevonAir! David sold his radio interests to the GWR group in 1999.
Gordon Somerville
Presenter on DevonAir during the late 80's including the late evening show Nightflight.
Stephen Ayres
Presented Sunday Supplement.
Steve Carpenter
Presenter from the mid 80's until joining Orchard FM in 1992.
Johnny Haywood
Brief stint on DevonAir during the late 80's
Kevin Kane
Became a regular on DevonAir in the late 80's and went on the become presenter and FM programme controller with Gemini Radio.
Chris Dinnis
Joined soon after the station became the New DevonAir. Became a popular presenter with the afternoon show and the Saturday evening Dance show The Rhythm of the City. 

Chris became a DJ with Gemini FM, then Heart before joining Exeter FM.
Tim Schofield
Presented the evening show on the New DevonAir. 

Tim presented on Gemini Radio for a couple of years.
Many other names including;

Dave Treharne presenting That's Why They Call It The Blues
John Autton presenting Westcountry
Jane Langton presenting the Sunday Night Affair

News & Sport: Wendy Buckingham, David Woodland, Dominic Heale, Hamish Marshall.


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