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Name: Mike Powell
Position/s with DevonAir: Senior Journalist; then Head of News (after Pete Barraclough left); after Andy Archer left, did double-headed breakfast show with me in Exeter and Travis Baxter in Torbay. After Jeff and Maurice left, was acting Programme Controller until arrival of Dave Cousins.
Years of association with radio station: 1980 - 1982
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station: Every single day from launch until Jeff Winston's departure are treasured memories.

The presentation talent was incredible: Paul Owens, Bob Kingsley, Travis Baxter, John Pierce, Ian Waugh. And what talent we developed: Tim Arnold, David Fitzgerald - and many, many others.

We'll probably never see commercial radio speech of such quality again - thanks to the wonderful comination of Jeff Winston's leadership and the rebellious lieutenants, Pete Barraclough and Mike Joseph. And such great journos: Keith Cooper, Sally Ecroyd, Helen Hughes and the one-of-a-kind bundle of energy (and perversity!) David Willis.

After Jeff's departure, as I temporarily became the main interface between programming, general management and the Board, most days were memorable for all the wrong reasons :-)

What happened after DevonAir? After DevonAir, Paul Owens and I went off to Guildford to help launch County Sound Radio - me as News Editor and the Old Tart as Head of Music and morning show presenter.

After a year, I was invited onto the board as Programme Director, then when David Lucas left to set up Ocean Sound, I became Managing Director from 1986-1991.

County Sound was a founder shareholder of FOX FM and I designed its original programming.

At County Sound our innovations included being the first station to split AM and FM frequencies seven days a week and in doing so we set up the UK's first all Gold (Oldies) station.

I left County Sound (following the merger with Radio Mercury under the formation of Allied Radio plc) to form radio investment, research and management company, Infinity Radio Ltd.

Infinity set up Pirate FM in Cornwall where I was launch Chief Executive. Shortly afterwards, Infinity merged with UK Radio Developments and, subsequently, these various interests were consolidated into the company now known as UKRD Group Ltd where I became the Group CEO.

I played a key role in helping to win and then set up Manchester's Kiss 102 (helping to appoint the brilliant Guy Hornsby to the MD role) and I served a two year term as launch Chief Executive of Tristar Broadcasting (Star FM), which helped pioneer the use of new digital studio systems in the UK (RCS Master Control) to enhance the quality of programming.

In 1995, as Chief Executive, I relaunched the new County Sound Radio Network consisting of County Sound Radio 1476AM, 96.4 The Eagle and Delta Radio.

As Chief Executive of UKRD Group Ltd, I saw the Group grow from one station to well over 20 - we bought and sold some properties along the way. At one stage it was certainly the largest private radio group in the UK.

On November 1st, 2001, with my long-time former County Sound colleague, David Bruce, we set up a successor to the original Infinity Radio, which became Infinity Media Ltd. Infinity de-merged from its former parent, UKRD Group and I became its Chairman, with David as MD.

Infinity Media concentrated on DAB, Internet and new computer technologies, and developed new analogue and cross-platform formats. One of its first main investments was in Club Asia Radio, London. I was pleased to be involved in the launch of that station and to be an Alternate Director for the first years of its life.

On October 1st 2002 I stepped down from my Infinity role to take the position as Vice President International Operations for RCS Inc, New York, the world’s leading supplier of broadcast software. As VP International I look after RCS's worldwide network of 19 offices. I'm based at RCS's New York headquarters and I live in beautiful Connecticut with my wife Jean (an Exeter girl) and my sons Steven and James.

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