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Name: Bob Kingsley
Position/s with DevonAir: Breakfast jock, afternoon jock for Torquay
Years of association with radio station: 1980 - 1982
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station: Ahh ... well, scattered memories in no particular order: working with Jeff Winston, Paul Owens, Alan Ross, and all the other multi-talented bodies that made the early DevonAir the magical station that it was; opening the station for the very first time; being late one morning some months later: awakened by my next-door neighbour throwning stones at my bedroom window, then hearing Keith Cooper pleading on-air for someone to wake me up, telling the audience rather flippantly (when I eventually got there over an hour late) that I'd been abducted by aliens on the way in, and the following day reading all about it in the local (and some national) newspapers!; being magnificently out-performed by Andy Archer, my sometime co-host on Brekkie; working afternoons at the magnificent Torquay studio during a super summer; carrying around a shopping basket full of my choice of tunes (vinyl LPs!); meeting my (then) future wife Val (now sadly deceased) in the record library; falling sleeping at my desk; playing with Paul's dog in the car-park while he was on the air (Paul, I mean, not the dog). Happy daze.

What happened after DevonAir? Voice-over work interspersed with radio jobs at CBC; County Sound; Spire FM; Ocean; and finally Gold Radio, followed by obscurity and blessed semi-retirement. Today: the phoenix rises - I'm a podcaster! (bobkingsley.co.uk)

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