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Name: Alan Ross
Position/s with DevonAir: Afternoon Presenter (Exeter) 1982 - 83
Years of association with radio station: 1982 - 1983
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station: A lot of politics when I was there - Jeff Winston being a main casualty which was unconscionable... was a late arriving member of the "early team" with Bob Kingsley & Paul Owens who were unsurpassed then or since IMO. Great days, but lots of sadness as well when we all moved on. Sorry not to be able to attend - have a good time, one and all. Brocksy & Fitz will be in full flow, I've no doubt!

What happened after DevonAir? CBC/Red Dragon/Pennine Radio/Viking & Classic Gold/Pennine FM/The Pulse/Touch Radio in Cardiff and then TFM and Magic 1170 in Stockton where I still broadcast 6 days a week...

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