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Name: Nick Johnson (Formerly known as Where is he when you want him?)
Position/s with DevonAir: Chief Engineer, Traffic Computer guy
Years of association with radio station: 1980 - 1988
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station: Well, the first one has to be going on air after building the station with Nick Bennett and Howard Pelling, then sweating through the IBA Code of Practice tests, pumping out test tapes, endless dry runs and doing it all over again in Torquay five months later.
The quickness with which everything settled down after going on air, apart from clearing up after Waugh's wobblies(!), the way Jeff Winston and Mike Joseph transformed local news, the infamous Barraclough-Willis double act, Reynolds and Pierce's double-headed morning show and watching DevonAir become a household name.

There were tougher times:
running the station with a 12 volt battery, a Shure mixer, a microphone and a cassette player when we lost all power in the 80/81 (?) blizzard,
fighting the air-conditioning system every day,
finding the infamous earth crackles came from a drier in the laundromat down the street and
the staff revolution of 82 when MV walked.

What happened after DevonAir? Satellite Media Services as CTO, COO and finally Research Officer till 1997
Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in La Palma, Canary Islands as Head of Computing Facilities till 2001
Senior network consultant working with UN in Vienna managing a nuclear explosion detection global network till 2003
Gemini Observatory in Hawaii and Chile as Information Systems Manager till 2005
Now just back to Devon to the University of Exeter implementing Secure Identity Management

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