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Name: Dave Mason (Formerly known as "that pushy kid" probably)
Position/s with DevonAir: Freelance presenter
Years of association with radio station: 1985 - 1989
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station:
* Sidmouth Folk Festival OB's - how it all began for me...
* Nicky Ezer and Street Level...
* Trying to "commentate" at a fire work display with Gordon S !!
* Getting CJ's advice while live on-air about what to do with a listener who'd phoned in and was trying to commit suicide - must've been that last link of mine...!
* Having breakfast with Kylie at another station's seaside 'gig' and getting a local radio exclusive...

What happened after DevonAir? Part of the team that won the Orchard FM franchise - launched station, then MFM Wales, Manchester, Nottingham, kids tv at Westcountry after Gus H got myxemitosis, and the wonderful, Radio City, Liverpool.(94) Involved with L'pool music scene, presenting most shows on City and indie show with sessions / also Crash FM. Became presenter/reporter with LIVE tv Liverpool, then HTV West - '99.

Radio 1 / 5Live as Entertainment Journo in 2000, then GMTV as a producer - still there occasionally voicing reports about Charlotte Church's boozing, followed by an item on Iraq!

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