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Name: Suzy Cutts (Formerly known as Jenks/Skittrall)
Position/s with DevonAir: Traffic Assistant, Commercial Producer, Freelance presenter, Sports producer, and whenever anyone else needed a hand! eg Reception, Wheels Appeal Committee, Accounts
Years of association with radio station: 1989 - 1994
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station: All of it! If you insist, I probably enjoyed it more as time went on Its not about a particular time, its about the people! All of you!
Being on air at night or at the weekend and dancing and/or singing to the music when no one else was around hoping and praying no one would come in just then!
Always being there late on a Friday because whether it was Traffic or ComProd it always meant a late night Friday with a pile of carts.
Driving a bunch of drunks home from the boat trip in Plymouth.
The day someone brought a duck into reception.
The wheels appeals.
My 21st when the champagne started at 10am and John P did a dedication on air for me.
The day we shutdown.
CJ's perfume party.
The day Ruth threw a vase of water over Gordon when he was sun bathing outside racks window.
Helping Jonny move house.
Trips to the Torquay studios - especially the open day with John and Jim Davidson.
Going clubbing with Clare where Tim S was DJ-ing and then driving back through the fog to go on air at 2 am.
Out for lunch with the girls from sales.
The day Timmy F got a hair cut!
Working with Timmy.
The day Jonny gave me the job in Comprod.
The day I got the job in Traffic!
The voiceovers- All of them! (Ian Swann currently goes to the same hairdresser as me but probably doesnt know it!)
Too many to write in such a little box.
Lotsa love
Suzy XXX

What happened after DevonAir? GWR Bath for a year as copywriter. When I decided to leave radio the only other thing I could do well was use a computer. Solicitors Own Software for a year as a software trainer teaching use of Accounts packages (thanks to Sheila!). I felt the need to learn more so I applied to Bournemouth University. I read Software Engineering Management 1996-2000. Worked there since 2000 there teaching programming and design on the computing courses. Met and married Len whilst on placement year at the Portman Building Society. Now have two little girls aged 4 and 1 called Ellie and Summer. Summer goes to nursery on Campus and Ellie starts school in September across the road from the University.

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