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Name: Miguel Florit (Formerly known as Mig)
Position/s with DevonAir: Doing trails and voiceovers. Assisting Reynolds, Hitchcock and others. Driving TQ desk for guest interviews on Exeter programmes. Gathering vox pops for Willis and Heathorn... and making a bloody good cup of tea!
Years of association with radio station: 1984 - 1987
Most treasured memories of your time at the radio station: Having a good laugh generally; doing Hitchcocks Christmas pantomime; and producing ridiculous trails, including me and Reynolds impersonating aliens, filmstars, a camp shark and his wideboy brother...that was about the worse it got!

What happened after DevonAir? DJ'd at various venues in Torquay, including 5th Avenue (which incidentally was in same building as the Harbour Point Studios). Then went off and got a "sensible" job as a solicitor in the City. I now run a regional recruitment business in the north of England for a global legal recruitment company.

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